Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries do you ship cargoes to?

With many years of experience of our employees in the field of logistics, today we can deliver any cargo from any country to any country in the world. The only limitation may be prohibitions and sanctions of individual countries and the international community. That is, if there is no prohibition on the legislative level, the goods will be delivered.

What kind of commodities can you arrange customs clearance for in Ukraine?

The large variety of goods of customers of Advance Group allows our experts to work with all groups of products UCG FEA. You always get the relevant information for each query.

What types of transport do you make a delivery by?

We use absolutely all kinds of transportation for our shipments. Depending on the nature of the cargo, its storage and stowage conditions, its place of shipment and the place of delivery, our specialists will select the best kind of transport and deliver your goods on time.

Do you arrange shipments only for the delivery of cargo to and from Ukraine?

Through collaboration of Advance Group with foreign logistics companies and agencies, we arrange shipments worldwide!

In what cities in Ukraine, you can provide customs clearance services?

Customs clearance of goods can take place in any customs office of Ukraine. Advanced Group provides customs clearance services in all regions of Ukraine.

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